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Sioux Falls Chiropractor Helps Baby Sleep Through the Night

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.05.2017


Parents, you know how it is. Babies just don't always sleep through the night like we want them to. It is easy to get complacent and assume that is just the way things have to be, but at Sioux Falls Chiropractic, we think there is a better way! Babies sleep better and are happier and healthier when their spine is in alignment. Here is one family's story. 

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Topics: Pediatric Chiropractic

3 Myths Your Female Chiropractor Wants You to Stop Believing

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.03.2017
There are a lot of myths out there about female chiropractors and we are tired of hearing them! Check out these 3 myths, and the truth, about your female chiropractor. 
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Topics: General Chiropractic

How to Know Your Insurance Will Pay for a Post Car Accident Chiropractor Visit

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.01.2017


We find that fears about whether or not insurance will pay is the main reason people hold back from visiting the chiropractor after a car accident. In reality, these fears shouldn't hold you back from seeking treatment. Here are our suggestions on checking your insurance coverage for post-car accident chiropractor visits and some tips on how the process usually works. 

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Topics: Car Accident Chiropractic

The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Foot Orthotics - Sioux Falls Chiropractic

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.06.2017



We love custom foot orthotics because they can make a huge difference in the way you walk, hold yourself, and even how long your chiropractic adjustments last. Our feet are the foundation of our bodies and we need to care for the foundation or we feel the effects in the rest of our body. Unfortunately, there is some really bad advice out there regarding foot orthotics; and we want to clear the air and give you good information. Read on for the worst advice, and our response.

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Topics: Insider, Foot Orthotics

Softball All-Star Credits Sports Chiropractic at Sioux Falls Chiropractic for D1 Scholarship

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.07.2017


In early March we received an exciting email from one of our patients. Carley Goetschius is a softball all-star and a Sioux Falls Chiropractic Patient. She also recently committed to a Division 1 university. We share her email testimonial with you so you can see the power of sports chiropractic to heal injuries, improve your game, and keep you in top shape. 

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Topics: General Chiropractic, Pediatric Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractic

Hey, Sioux Falls... Sciatica Doesn't Have to Keep You Down!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.04.2017


You know that stubborn pain in your upper leg and lower back that acts up after you tweak your back during spring cleaning? We do too! It is called sciatic pain, or sciatica, and it doesn't have to keep you down!

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Topics: Sciatica, General Chiropractic

Quick Tips for Preventing Back Pain - Sioux Falls Chiropractic

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.07.2017


Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to a medical doctor’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections. In fact, some experts say, as many as 80% of us will experience a back problem at some time in our lives. Your spine takes a lot of stress everyday with improper sitting, reaching, lifting and even normal activities such as walking and playing with your children. Here are 5 tips for preventing back pain, Sioux Falls chiropractic style.

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Topics: Back Pain, Prevention

3 Ways Sports Chiropractic Improves Your Child's Game

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 02.02.2017


More that 30 million children participate in youth sports in the US and that number is only expected to grow. Youth sports are also getting more and more competitive. With young people spending more time practicing and playing, injury risks are high and everyone is seeking that competitive edge. Sports chiropractic care is a great solution for parents hoping to help their athletes achieve their goals and avoid spending money on costly surgeries. Here are three ways sports chiropractic is important for your child. 

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Topics: Kids and Chiropractic, Sports Chiropractic

9 Tips to Walk on Snow and Ice Like a Pro - Sioux Falls Chiropractic

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 02.05.2017


Walking on ice and snow is no joke. If you've lived in Sioux Falls long, chances are you've encountered a patch of ice that brought you to your knees, or should we say, backside? With snow falling and conditions perfect for icy walkways, we thought you could probably use some pro-tips on walking on snow and ice. 

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Topics: General Chiropractic, Winter Chiropractic Tips

3 Ways Sioux Falls Chiropractic Care is Heart Healthy!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 02.03.2017

It is National Heart Health Month and we want to celebrate by remembering some of the ways that chiropractic care helps your heart be the best it can be! At Sioux Falls Chiropractic, we love helping our patients develop heart-healthy lifestyles in a place of no judgment. Here are three awesome ways that chiropractic care is great for your heart!

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Topics: General Chiropractic