Chiropractic Care May Just Be the Answer to the Opioid Epidemic, Here's Why...

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.07.2017

Addiction to opioid pain killers has consistently been one of the top concerns in both medical circles and government research for the past quarter century. Recent studies revealed that 99% of medical doctors have prescribed opioids; and many doctors are prescribing them for much longer than the CDC's recommended 3 days. We think chiropractic care is part of the answer to the opioid epidemic, and we aren't the only ones. 

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Meet Dr. Shelly Buseman, a Sioux Falls Chiropractor!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.05.2017


Last week we learned more about Dr. Kirk Henderson. Continuing our series of Meet the Doctor posts is Dr. Shelly. Learn more about Dr. Shelly in the short Q&A below!

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4 Quick Tips to Get Rid of Headaches - Sioux Falls Chiropractic

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.03.2017




Raise your hand if you've ever had a headache.

Everyone, right? Headaches are a common symptom that most adults experience, but just because they are common doesn't make them any less annoying and distracting; especially because they always seem to come at the worst time. Here are some quick tips for relief from headaches.

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Meet Dr. Kirk Henderson, a Sioux Falls Chiropractor!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.04.2017


It is always fun to get to know the people who care for your spine, right? Well, over the next few weeks we will have a "Meet the Doctors" series on the blog. It will be a chance for you to get to know the chiropractors of Sioux Falls Chiropractic. First up is Dr. Kirk Henderson. Learn more about Dr. Kirk in the short Q&A below!

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5 Ways to Get Relief From Fibromyalgia, Chiropractic Style

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.02.2017

With growing numbers of people suffering from the fatigue and widespread muskuloskeletal pain and tenderness of fibromyalgia, chiropractic treatments for the disorder are becoming more effective and popular. For those diagnosed with the disorder, it can seem that there is very little practical information on effective treatments for your pain, tingling and fatigue. But chiropractic care is a gentle, effective, and inexpensive alternative to opioid pain medications. Here are 5 ways that chiropractic care can help those struggling with fibromyalgia symptoms. 

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Which of These Foot Orthotics Is Right For You?

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.05.2017

We offer a lot of foot orthotics, but not all are right for you. How do you sort through all the options and find the right style? Thankfully at Sioux Falls Chiropractic, we are experts in helping you find the right foot orthotic for your lifestyle, preferences and footwear. Here are just some of the things we take into consideration. 

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4 Chiropractic Tips to Prevent Lower Back Pain After Gardening

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.05.2017


Gardening is a wonderful hobby for many people, and yard maintenance is a necessary evil for most. Whether you are a gardening enthusiast or a reluctant homeowner with a lawn to mow, you want to make sure you are able to do your tasks without pain. Here are four tips to prevent lower back pain after gardening, chiropractic style. 

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Enter The Sioux Falls Chiropractic Dig Into Spring Gardening Giveaway!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 04.03.2017

Gardening is a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoor months. Whether you grow your own food or enjoy flowers and other plants, having your hands in the dirt has many health benefits. Gardening is a great compliment to an active lifestyle and something that many of our Sioux Falls Chiropractic patients enjoy. That is why we want to offer a special $200 Landscape Garden Centers gift card to one lucky person! Learn more!

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Sioux Falls Chiropractor Dr. Matt Brandner Gives Tips for Bursitis Relief

Posted by Dr. Matt Brandner on 03.06.2017


What is bursitis? That's usually one of the first things we hear when we bring it up. It sounds like some old fashioned condition your grandfather would complain about, right? But bursitis isn't just for the elderly. Dr. Matt Brandner answers your questions about what bursitis is, how we treat it, and how to prevent it. 

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You Don't Have to Suffer, Try Chiropractic Adjustment For Headaches!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.05.2017

Headaches can range from a minor annoyance to a crippling medical condition that affects your ability to function in daily life. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help with most forms of headache pain and also treat the underlying causes behind the headaches.

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