Are You Sitting Wrong?

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 08.06.2017


It is quite possible you are sitting incorrectly right now. Yep, that's right. Many of us have poor posture throughout the day and it has a tremendous impact on our health and ability to stay active and do what we love. You wouldn't think sitting could do all that, but we see it at Sioux Falls Chiropractic everyday. Here are some of the worst things you can do for your spine when sitting.

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Wondering How to Stay Young? 5 Easy Ways to Improve Spine Health!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 07.05.2017

Are you wondering how to stay young? There's many preventative steps you can take to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Life expectancy is continuously increasing, and with a longer life comes more potential health problems. The most common problem that comes from our increased life span is skeletal problems—in other words, spine health. Keeping your spine healthy is the most important step in staying young. 

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Why Does My Chiropractor Want Me To Come In If I'm Not In Pain?

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 07.04.2017


You've just finished your lunch and are about to head back to work. Your phone buzzes and you see it's an automated text notification from your chiropractor reminding you of your upcoming appointment tomorrow. A few weeks ago, when you were last there, you and your chiropractor set up a schedule to keep you pain free. Once a month appointments, possibly more frequently if your treatment needs change. But today, your back feels absolutely fine - so why should you keep the appointment? A lot of people share this sentiment.

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4 Fast Facts About The History of American Chiropractic Care

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 07.03.2017

For the FOURTH of July, we thought it would be fun to share FOUR fast facts about the history of American chiropractic care! We hope you enjoy a safe and happy holiday and enjoy sharing these facts with your family and friends! 

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4 Nasty Habits That Are Causing Your Sciatica - Sioux Falls Chiropractic

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.05.2017



If you are reading this, there is a good chance you've had sciatica. Sciatica is a very unpleasant condition characterized by burning, shooting pain and sometimes targeted numbness in one or both legs. The condition affects 40% of all adults at some point in their life! The good news? It responds very well to chiropractic treatment. The bad news? You may be guilty of a few of these nasty habits...

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Golfing in Sioux Falls? How a Chiropractor Can Improve Your Game!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.03.2017

Golf is a challenging sport to master. The unique blend of mental strategy and athletic ability make golf a difficult sport, but an addictive one. If you're tired of hitting the green and then needing an ice pack, we have a few suggestions. Golf doesn't have to leave you in pain if you follow these tips!

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Suffering from Headaches - Sioux Falls Chiropractic Can Help Relieve your Pain

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.05.2017



Headaches come in different forms and pain levels, but all are uncomfortable and can interfere with your daily life. Every day, we treat people for headaches. Sioux Falls Chiropractic offers a variety of treatment options to help alleviate the cause behind your headaches.

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The Real Reason Your Chiropractic Adjustment Doesn't Work

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.05.2017




While we generally have very satisfied patients, there are always a few who believe chiropractic adjustments don't work for them. We have a sneaking suspicion we know why. If you or someone you know has felt this way in the past, find out the real reason your adjustment doesn't work below.

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10 Tips to Keep Your Memorial Day Pain Free!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 05.03.2017


Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and with it comes the unofficial start to summer! We want this summer to be pain free. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when we start to see summertime injuries in our office. Here are 10 tips to keep you feeling great and pain free this weekend!

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How Do Sioux Falls Chiropractic Adjustments Work?

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 05.07.2017

We love chiropractic care and we know a lot of you do too. But what about those who have never been to a chiropractor before and are skeptical about what it is, how it works, and whether or not it is safe and effective? In this blog we explain exactly how chiropractic adjustments work so that you can explain it to your skeptical friends, or so you can feel confident scheduling your first appointment. 

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