Swing Into Green with our Sioux Falls Golf Package Giveaway!

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.05.2017

 Sioux Falls Chiropractic Spring into green golf giveaway  

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How Custom Foot Orthotics Can Give Your Golf Game an Edge

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 06.05.2017



You’re watching the latest PGA tour and Dustin Johnson absolutely crushes his drive anywhere from 300-400 yards. You think, “Wow, I want to do that.” Information on the equipment Johnson uses is readily available on his website, so you take a look at his preferred putters, irons, even golf balls. Maybe you already have a nice set of clubs that work well for you, maybe you own some of the same equipment that he does. Where do you go from here?

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Softball All-Star Credits Sports Chiropractic at Sioux Falls Chiropractic for D1 Scholarship

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 03.07.2017


In early March we received an exciting email from one of our patients. Carley Goetschius is a softball all-star and a Sioux Falls Chiropractic Patient. She also recently committed to a Division 1 university. We share her email testimonial with you so you can see the power of sports chiropractic to heal injuries, improve your game, and keep you in top shape. 

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3 Ways Sports Chiropractic Improves Your Child's Game

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 02.02.2017


More that 30 million children participate in youth sports in the US and that number is only expected to grow. Youth sports are also getting more and more competitive. With young people spending more time practicing and playing, injury risks are high and everyone is seeking that competitive edge. Sports chiropractic care is a great solution for parents hoping to help their athletes achieve their goals and avoid spending money on costly surgeries. Here are three ways sports chiropractic is important for your child. 

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4 Winter Sports Chiropractic Tips From an Olympian

Posted by Sioux Falls Chiropractic on 01.02.2017
Snow is coming! Whether you or your kids are energized by skiing, skating, or sledding, keep reading for tips on staying safe while enjoying the winter weather in Sioux Falls! Here are a few tips from the American Chiropractic Association and Olympic speedskating gold and silver medalist Derek Parra. 
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